Google thinks the Pixel 3’s 1 rear camera will beat Samsung’s 4

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该  像素3的孤独后置摄像头,使厚颜无耻的声明任何电话有两个后置摄像头或更多:‘谷歌的单镜头比所有你看中的相机更好的结合’。


在如今如此令人垂涎的双镜头环境中,那些话语令人fighting舌,即使像Moto G6这样的廉价手机也有两个镜头可拍摄人像。有了Pixel 3和Pixel 3 XL,Google现在是唯一一家最大的高端设备只有一个后置摄像头的手机制造商。举个例子:  iPhone XS  有两个,华为P20 Pro  和  LG V40  拥有三个,  三星的新款Galaxy A9  的背面有四个摄像头。 






Phone-makers have been known to reserve a second lens for the more high-end model of a set. For example, the Galaxy S9 and iPhone XR have single lenses, while the Galaxy S9 Plus and iPhone XS have two each. But Google’s Pixel 3 and larger Pixel 3 XL share the exact same 12.2-megapixel sensor. There’s no camera advantage to buying ‘bigger’. It’s also worth noting that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL both have two 8-megapixel front-facing cameras, but I’ll get to that later.


There are a few reasons phones have a second, or even third, rear lens. Many phones have a telephoto sensor, which can add depth for portrait photos and give you a better image when you zoom in. An additional monochrome sensor can take black-and-white photos without applying a filter, or be used to add details that enhance a color picture. The triple-lens Huawei P20 Pro has all three.


The LG V40’s three rear cameras can simultaneously snap a photo from each lens, and you can pick your favorite. That’s more a software gimmick than an actual benefit. And the rumored Galaxy A9 is said to have an ultrawide lens in addition to a ‘depth camera,’ a telephoto lens and the 24-megapixel ‘main’ sensor.


Google’s willingness to bet the farm on its cycloptic lens is a play of confidence in the company’s hardware quality and software strength. It only ‘needs’ one camera, the Pixel 3 suggests, because Google’s process is better. The tech titan, with its seemingly limitless resources, is far ahead of phone-makers when it comes to advanced image processing.


Specifically, AI and machine learning are two cutting-edge efforts in helping computers make decisions on their own, for example brightening a photo based on dark weather conditions. And Google says it’s studied millions of photos on Google Images to rethink ‘how images are captured,’ Google hardware SVP Rick Osterloh said in Tuesday’s presentation.


Google has also outfitted its Pixel 3 phones with extra or enhanced camera modes. Super Res Zoom creates a zoomed-in shot from multiple photos. Portrait mode lets you fine-tune the focus point, depth of field and color saturation. And low-light photos promise to be even brighter and better than the Pixel 2’s already lauded low-light capabilities, without you ever turning on the flash — a feature Google dubs Night Sight. Top Shot picks your best photo for you when you have motion mode on.


Google Pixel 3和Pixel 3 XL


What about the Pixel 3’s two selfie cameras?


Given Google’s extraordinary confidence in its single rear camera, it’s interesting that the Pixel 3 phones follow handsets like LG’s V40 to add a second camera on the face.


Last year’s single-lens Pixel 2 was one of the only phones I used in 2017 that accurately kept my curly hair in focus on a portrait mode shot. Google accomplished that feat with software alone, so why is a second lens necessary now?


Google says that the wide-angle selfie cam, which it claims is 184 percent wider than the iPhone XS’ front-facing shooter, is designed to fit more of your friends (or your landscape) into the frame. We managed to fit 13 CNET editors into a selfie shot on the Pixel 3, so it’s off to a good start.


Google Pixel 3和Pixel 3 XL


The waiting game


The question on my mind — and everyone else’s — is how well Google’s Pixel phones will succeed. Is the single camera really better than two or more? And which meaningful tricks and tools will the Pixel phones miss out on that other phones have?


Unfortunately, we have to wait. CNET’s Pixel 3 reviews are ongoing, and those camera comparison deep dives you love take time. Besides that, two of the Pixel 3’s camera features (Night Sight and Top Shot) won’t be ready until after the phones go on sale.


Until then, I’ll leave you with the reminder that Google’s Pixel phones have an excellent photography track record. In fact, I can’t think of a single mainstream phone playing at this high-end level that doesn’t take terrific pictures overall.


换句话说,如果您因其相对较低的价格,及时的Android更新和Google相册上的无限存储空间而被Pixel 3吸引,那么可以肯定的是,它的照片会很好,甚至更好。如果您正在寻找专业级摄影,并且想要完全确定,请在我们进行竞争对手比较时推迟订购。


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