A 5G OnePlus phone for Verizon? Don’t hold your breath

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似乎是一场完美的婚姻。OnePlus声称它将成为明年首批推出5G智能手机的公司之一。Verizon 不能停止谈论5G。 


尽管已经与竞争对手T-Mobile达成了运营商独家协议,但OnePlus已经用OnePlus 6T取代了Verizon ,后者已经通过认证可在运营商的网络上运行。 




And that early 5G smartphone that OnePlus is touting? You can forget about it coming to the US. That’s because OnePlus needs to tune any 5G radio in the device to a specific carrier’s spectrum, and OnePlus CEO Pete Lau told The Verge that European carriers would get it first.


A company spokesman also confirmed that the 5G smartphone would be separate from its main flagship family, and will be purpose-built to tap into the next-generation cellular network.


While the OnePlus 6T, which is the first phone from the company to be supported by a US carrier in T-Mobile, represents an opportunity to break through to the mainstream in this country, a future partnership with Verizon, the nation’s largest wireless carrier by subscribers, could cement its position. But OnePlus, which lacks the resources of giants like Apple or Samsung, is opting to take things slow despite its position as a fan favorite of Android enthusiasts.


The limited release of a 5G smartphone, meanwhile, underscores the messy nature of the next-generation wireless technology, which promises a massive speed boost but also requires device makers to work with carriers to tune their devices specifically to individual networks. The consequence, at least in the near term, is a lot of 5G devices that’ll work on one carrier but not another.


You can expect a lot of device makers to build specific phones for specific carriers, such as LG’s first 5G smartphone with Sprint.


At least on paper, a partnership with Verizon and OnePlus seems to make sense. 5G is a huge priority for both companies, and OnePlus went through the effort of making sure its OnePlus 6T worked on Verizon’s network, seen as a precursor for a firmer relationship. But OnePlus hasn’t talked about making a phone that would be sold in Verizon stores, which would require a much tougher certification process.


Because OnePlus would have to have been working with Verizon for a while to build a 5G smartphone, that isn’t in the cards either.


Verizon has much of its 2019 smartphone lineup set in stone already, but it’s open to a OnePlus relationship down the line, according to a person familiar with the carrier’s thinking.




No talks about a specific deal have occurred, however.




T-Mobile的发言人拒绝评论与OnePlus的关系的未来,只是说它将专注于销售OnePlus 6T。 




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